The Power Of Podiatry

A group of students in England recently exhibited the power of podiatry extends far more than the doctor’s table.

According to an article posted in the Hartlepool Mail, a professor and a group of his students from New Durham College visited the Crisis Center in Newcastle, England to provide foot care and information to a group of 40 homeless people.



And they didn’t show up empty handed; the author writes that the students brought fresh socks, creams, and medical supplies to the shelter, materials which had been donated by groups including Robinson Healthcare and DLT Podiatry.

The homeless who were in the center were given basic foot care treatments, like bathing, nail care and specific foot advice and treatment suggestions.

Elizabeth Fenwick-Donaldson, a student with the group, told reporters at the Hartlepool Mail, “It was a fantastic experience as we are not likely to come into contact with homeless people in our regular clinical sessions at college… Volunteering at Crisis has helped to remove the stereotypical image many of us had of homelessness. I would recommend that any student offered this opportunity in the future to seriously consider getting involved.”

According to the author, another student, Terri Ponder, said of the experience, “This voluntary work has been very beneficial to me as a training practitioner. It was a great opportunity to use the skills and knowledge I have gained on my course and also to reach out to patients who may not otherwise have access to this kind of health care.”

The students not only left the group with excellent care and free treatment consultations, but, as a treat, each of the homeless at the Center were given a brand new pair of socks.