Podiatry Tips You Won’t Hear From The Podiatrist

When visiting the podiatrist, there are a few things you most likely won’t learn. You should probably learn these key facts before arriving at your appointment. For instance, try to buy the right athletic shoes for your feet no matter if you only walk for exercise. You should also consider getting your feet measured whenever you buy shoes at the store. Also, if you get regular pedicures you should most likely try to make your appointment for as early in the morning as possible so that you have a better chance of getting clean equipment.


Tip 1. Whenever you go into a shoe store, you should ask the salesperson to measure your feet. As you age, your feet will most likely get bigger as you age. You need to take time to get your feet measured in order to ensure you are buying the right size.

Tip 2. You might think that your feet will always smell, but the good news is they don’t have to. Just like you you use antiperspirant, you can use the same kind of thing on your feet. Try a spray that will relieve odor and last a long time- basically throughout the day. Also, try not to wear the same shoes every day. Alternate the shoes you wear so that the ones you wear the most have time to dry out.

Tip 3. Be careful if you usually get pedicures at the nail salon. Bacteria can live in the basins or foot bath drains for an unusually long time. These foot baths in particular can be germy and cause you to get foot infections. You need to be careful when making your appointment times for a pedicure. In fact, try to make an early morning appointment- one of these first ones if you can- so that you’ll ensure the equipment is cleaner.

Tip 4. Even if you solely walk for exercise, you should buy your shoes at a specialty running store. The employers can test your gait and inspect your feet in order to know exactly which shoes are right for you.