About Milam Raemsch

Texas State University

In college at Texas State University, Milam Raemsch participated in intramural football for three years, softball for one year, volleyball for one year, dodge ball for one year and soccer for two years. As a part of the premed society, Milam met weekly to listen to speakers, while also going on a mission trip to Eagle Pass, TX.

As far as volunteer work as an undergraduate, Milam’s responsibilities were to assist the dentist in tooth extractions and to help screening for health related problems. He was also a member of the Wildlife association due to his interest in both wild life and management.


Milam Raemsch is a podiatry student at Barry University.

Milam Raemsch also volunteered at Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos as a Fall risk sitter in which he would spend time with inpatients and keep them company. Milam was also very active on his family’s cattle ranching operation, which involved working cattle, fixing barbwire fence and clearing brush.

In undergraduate school, Milam chose biology because he had an interest in nature and in the sciences.  Milam believed the human body was an amazing thing that could withstand more than what we expect it to manage. Studying biology provided him the avenue to learn more about his interests in medicine.

Barry College of Medicine

Milam realized that he wanted to pursue podiatry school during his fourth year of college as an undergraduate student.  He knew he wanted to pursue medicine, and be wanted the opportunity to own his own business one day.  Podiatry allowed Milam the ability to own his business and have normal working hours.  He would know what his specialty would be and also what kind of doctor he would be when he finished school. Also, it would allow him to work with his hands and other people. Podiatry had a wide array of different types of cases so everyday there were new and different techniques to work on.

After attending undergraduate school in Texas, Milam Raemsch chose Barry because of its location and also for the ability to be in a fisherman’s paradise.  For Milam, Miami was a completely different culture than from where he grew up and a good location for him to gain new experiences.  The weather was amazing in Miami year round and there were plenty of outdoor activities.  Milam has always been a fan of the Miami Dolphins since he was a kid, so Milam’s love for the Dolphins factored into his choice to attend Barry University.  Also, Milam chose Barry because he felt the clinical experience at Barry would be beneficial hands-on experience for his future career.

As a teaching assistant at Barry University, Milan led students in the grade below him in Cadaver dissections.   Milam answered students’ questions and assisted with the labs. He was a main resource for the students to learn about dissections.

Milam’s favorite podiatry events were the AAPPM meetings because they were informative in terms of teaching Milam about starting his own practice. He has learned about hiring potential employees, investing in real estate, marketing his own practice and optimizing his time in order to buy a practice and find associates

Volunteer Work

Milam became involved with the Broward House Foot Clinic through one of his clinical faculty members at Barry University.  There was a sign up sheet for volunteers to do foot screening on Saturdays, and he signed up his first year and has assisted each year since then. Milam Raemsch and the other volunteers helped screen and care for any foot problems the homeless had.